What is Anti-VBS/VBE?

Basically, a tool that can be used to remove typical vbs/vbe worms from your computer.


Disclaimer: by using this program you agree that the autor can not be held responsible

for any possible damage that may occur during or because of it's use.


Usage: download the appropriate version (32 bit or 64 bit) and double click the file to run it.

After a couple of seconds (might also take a whole minute if the machine is heavily

infected and/or slow) a report will open in Notepad.

A backup of deleted files and listing of registry keys is saved in Anti-VBSVBE-Backup

folder created in the same folder where the program is being run from.


32bit version of Anti-VBS/VBE


64 bit version of Anti-VBS/VBE




Contact: borislav.surbat /AT/